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2011 Spring Festival holiday notice

Date:2011年1月21日 09:55

2011 the Spring Festival is coming, for the convenience of employees in advance round-trip trip, work on time, the Spring Festival holiday time and holiday arrangements notified as follows:


A, holiday time


2011 February 2 (New Year's eve) - 2011 February 10 (8), a total of nine days.


Second, on-duty arrangement


1, the officer on duty statistics: to make everyone have a joy, safe, peaceful Spring Festival, please departments arrange ahead of the various work of the Spring Festival during holiday (earnestly department staff home statistics and vacation watchkeepers arrangements, and please production, hr outsourcing completes the holiday team duty statistics), and in January 28th will Spring Festival value (add) class personnel list those company hr department. Please departments and employees actively cooperate with, so that the company arranged during the Spring Festival accommodation and other matters.


2, production safety aspects: during the Spring Festival, the company will continue to push leadership duty institution, for timely handling emergent incidents. Please also safety she seriously implement good during the Spring Festival is one of the security work, should put emphasis on the following factory safety and BuShi fire protection, security and so on the work of production safety, and during the festival to ensure unblocked, emergency communication should be promptly report to the leadership.


3, free repast arrangement: 2011 February 2 to 2011 February 4 RiGong three days, work in the office of duty and leave factory personnel can arrive dining room free repast (lunch/supper), including to work in the company of outsourcing team and security personnel.


Three, attendance matters


To ensure the Spring Festival during holiday overtime (duty) personnel attendance true and effective, the company decides, Spring Festival during vacation adopts triple attendance way:


First, credit checking attendance system: according to company's regulations MenGang card checking attendance system in attendance.


Second, the doorman checking attendance system: at work to the gate signed in attendance, she is responsible for the implementation and by security supervision.


Third, department checking attendance system: each department itself attendance, the Spring Festival holiday by department manager after signing after 11 February has submitted to the human resources department.


Above 3 checking attendance system can be dispensed with, if discover there are omissions and inconsistencies are as absences processing. Please each department manager strictly, strengthen supervision strength, ensure the Spring Festival during vacation work smoothly.


Note: each ticket booth telephone: train tickets: 2919850, bus 2381010, air tickets: : 2031159, this telephone is for reference only, can choose boing points.



Wish all employees and family happy holiday family happiness!




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