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Congratulation to Zhongtian Heavy Industry Union Trade was formally established

Date:2014年6月25日 09:14

     On 24th June 2014,The Zhongtian Heavy Industry Co.LTD held a conference about “the first time trade union set up”.Every department leader and union representative attending the meeting .General union chairman Bao Hanjun, Propaganda minister Qiuyun , Union vice president Xuhaojie ,Company G.M fuweiwen and vice president Liyuanlong were invited to attend the meeting.

    During the meeting ,G.M Fuweiwen point out :“with the trade union set up successfully,trade union need put more attention to staff’s life , Increase leisure activities,Improve life’s quality.Meanwhile Increase Enterprise Cohesion and strengthens the staff sense of belonging. Create a good cultural atmosphere  for the staff and good environment.”At last ,Mr Fu hope that  Under the joint efforts of all staff, active working ,will be better and better.

    After meeting , comprehensive management department deputy manager Huang Shenghai was elected as company union chairman.Pilot master Li Haibo was elscted as budget committee director.

General Manager Fu Weiwen

General Union Chairman Bao Hanjun

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