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Zhousan Zhongtian organized all employees for "Beijing two flights five-day tour"

Date:2012年6月3日 15:06

It was again a spring season for outing. In order to enrich the enterprise employees’ cultural activities, feel the profound culture of Beijing, cultivate the spirit of the employees, all employees were divided into 2 groups to participate in "Beijing two flights five-day tour" from May 15, 2012 to May 26.

When the plane arrived at Beijing Nanyuan Airport, the employees could not hide their excitement; they shouted and jumped for joy. Under the guidance of tour guide, we visited Tiantan Park ---"Imperial Altar", felt the solemn sacrificial culture; Tian'anmen Square, tasting the broad tolerance of the capital; Chairman Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, looking at with reverence the stalwart mind of the Greatest People; the Imperial Palace Museum, looking at the grand manner of imperial court; Prince Gong's Mansion, experiencing the luxury of minister of Qing Dynasty; the Great Wall, recalling and pondering over the sabre-rattling with smoke signals rising on all sides; Ming Tombs in Ming Dynasty, exploring the mystery of imperial tombs; the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube, understanding the art feelings of sports; Summer Palace, tasting the elegant feeling or mood of imperial palace and garden.

Along the way, we were deeply attracted by the millennial profound culture inherited in Chinese people, were filled with admiration by the wonderful workmanship and creativity of Chinese people, excited by the imagination and tolerance of modern Chinese people to keep pace with the times. One trip to Beijing is better than ten years of reading. We were benefited greatly.

The company organized tours and recreational activities to the employees, not only to create a harmonious atmosphere and human care of enterprise; enrich employees' spare time life; eliminate the toil after busy work; let the employees of Zhousan Zhongtian feel the warmth of home; but also reinforce the exchange and communication between the employees, improve the cohesive force and fighting capacity of the employees, turn Zhousan Zhongtian' employees into a harmonious team with strong will!

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