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Warmly celebrate NASCO of the secon

Date:2011年1月21日 09:26

Dec 23 afternoon, zhoushan nanyang star ship industry Co., LTD, the second workers congress and management conference in company administration building # 3 rooms smooth convening, 60 workers' representatives and 20 outsourcing team representatives attended the conference, the assistant general manager WangLinJun comrade chair.

Meeting agenda is: company general manager of the year 2010 QianFaPing comrades working summary "; To all the participants extensively solicit opinions (site speech + written opinion); For middle-level above management democracy evaluation and developing the agenda.

During congress, delegates with high sense of mission and sense of master spirit and listen carefully to the general manager of the company QianFaPing comrade of the 2010 year working summary "work report. The delegates that report objective comprehensively summarizes the 2010 nanyang star of the achievements, also realistically to point out that the future enterprise development faced by market competition and cost pressures. Questionnaire opinion agenda, workers' representatives and outsourcing team representatives to participate in, my dissertation, fully voiced their opinions and views, displays a strong, reflected the master spirit of our employees and outside contractor participate in the democratic management and democratic supervision and enthusiasm. Finally, workers' representatives in line with ownership of the spirit on the middle managers take unregistered way are examined.

The workers congress, has received more than 50 bar (opinions more than ten bar repeated) proposed Suggestions covers production, management, human resources and financial management, etc., and the cost control of enterprise, enterprise culture construction and to strengthen the departments etc. To put forward concrete requirements and regulations. This reflects the broad worker to participate in the democratic management of enthusiasm. Administration department in a meeting to draft the sort, and general manager office conference will pass through, according to the opinions of the suggestion, problems involving urged relevant departments processing, also requires all related departments timely feedback to administration and form text information is sent to each department.

This ZhiDaiHui is fruitful meeting, for broad worker provides a democratic participation of corporate affairs platform, and enhance the democratic management and democratic decision-making, strengthen the democratic supervision, creating a new situation of the democratic engineering company, the meeting in unity and harmony atmosphere ihfo.

After the meeting, senior leaders of the related Suggestions and worker, outsourcing team representatives to communicate, and expressed in the New Year, the company leadership will accept the supervision of the workers' representatives, solve implement all tasks. Union will represent ZhiDaiHui urged relevant issues of execution and implement, accomplish opinion bolted-on have a reply

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