Zhoushan Zhongtian Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd


Zhoushan Zhongtian Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd (ZTHl shipyard)is located at Changbai lsland,Zhoushan City,ZhejiangProvince. lt occupies an area of 1 million square meters withan impressive coastline of 3,500meters.The yard projected tobuild 4 dry docks and 3 quays.


Now the shipyard has built 2 docks and 2 quays:Dry dock No.1 is 100,000DWT, 280m*40m

Dry dock No.2 is 200,000DWT,340m*54m

Quay No.1 is 470m*25m with 2 berths for 100,00ODWT vessel.

Quay No.2 is 600m*40m with 2 berths for 200,00ODWT vessel.Now,2 dry-docks,2 quays,hull workshop,M&Eworkshop,painting workshop, service workshop, air compressor room andother production supporting equipments have been put intooperation.


The shipyard was authenticated for ISo 9001 by ABS and hasannual repair capacity of around 120 vessels from domesticand international shipowner companies. Vessel type includesbulk carrier,refrigerator vessel,oil tanker,container ship,chemical tanker and different type of construction vessels.

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