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        Zhoushan Nanyang Star Group is a modern and advance ship repairing building enterprise. The group was founded in Dec. 2012.

        The group headquarter is strategically located in Dinghai District, Zhoushan City. It has 3 subsidiary shipyards. They are: Zhoushan Nanyang Star Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd (NASCO) located in Cezi Island, Dinghai, Zhoushan City, Zhoushan Zhongtian Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd (ZTHI) located in Changbai Island, Dinghai, Zhoushan City and Ningbo Donghe Shipyard (DOSCO) located in Shipu, Xiangshan, Ningbo City.   

        It targets to build a Brand Enterprise in China. For that target, the group advocates Preciseness, Breakthrough, Simple, Self-discipline, Be of Action and Honesty as enterprise’s value; meanwhile, it requires staff to act with real practice and solid work, move resolutely, trust & unite with colleagues. To our clients, the saying goes indeed. Modest, Honesty, Diligence, Quick and Preciseness are group’s basic quality requirement upon each staff.

        On enterprise’s business strategy repositioning, the group will Keep a foothold on regular ship-repair & conversion business and gradually branch out to shipbuilding and ocean engineering facility manufacturing & maintenance business.

        We are vibrant and progressing rapidly towards our vision to become your honest and reliable cooperative partner.