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ZTHI Introduction

        Zhoushan Zhongtian Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd (ZTHI) is located in Changbai Island, Dinghai ,Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province., China. It covers an area of 853,338m2 with an impressive coastline of 3,500metres. The yard projected to build 4 docks in total: No.1 dock of 200,000DWT (340m*54m), No.2&No.3 dock of 100,000DWT (280m*40m), and No. 4 dock of 300,000DWT (400m*80m); equip with 3 jetties with 6 berths: No.1 jetty with 2 berths (470m*25m), No.2 jetty with 3 berths of 450m*600m (1050m*25m/40m) and No.3 jetty with 1 berth (400m*25m).

        Now, dock No.1 & No.2, Jetty No.1& No. 2 and outfitting hull workshop, M&E workshop, Service workshop and Docking Repair workshop as well as other production supporting facilities have been put into use.

        As a newly emerging shipyards, ZTHI has repaired around 60 vessels from shipowners home and abroad, vessel type including bulk carrier, refrigerator vessel, oil tanker, chemical cargo ship, and kinds of engineering vessel.